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Greeting Fellow Legionnaires, Auxiliary and SAL

Summer is here, our picnic is next month and football just around the corner, life is good.  On behalf of the newly installed Post, Auxiliary and SAL officers, thank you to those who attended the June 15TH  installation dinner. I enjoyed the evening and hope everyone had a good time.  We all appreciate your support and trust.

I look forward to doing my part in guiding the Stitt Post for the next year. I have received many “congratulations” along with “so what are you going to do now”.  As we all know the Post is much bigger than any one or two persons. We all need to continue to work together each doing their own thing to the best of their abilities. The Commander also has the responsibility for strategic planning for the good of the Post. On my drive to the Michigan American Legion Convention last month in Kalamazoo, I had some time to reflect just that. I soon discovered I did not have a clue.   “Hope” is just not a plan.  On my drive back from the convention, I had a good idea of what should be addressed.

Goals;                  1.       Maintain the service level of our Club Room and Hall.

                            2.       Membership.

                            3.       Doing more for our veterans.

I would like to say a word or two on each of the above subjects.

1.       Club Room. We have one of the nicest in the area with that great Still Post attitude. We have had,  some resent improvements with the Lottery and shuffle-board. The Club Room is always clean, decorated and comfortable for our members and guests.  Keep up the cook-outs, Saturday hot dogs and other special events that make our Club Room a special place.                                                           The Hall. We have earned a great reputation of over delivering to our customers with great food, attitude and service. Our hall manager Chuck Roeske has done a good job working through this tough hall rental market, making the adjustments necessary to stay profitable. We have great people involved with our Club Room and Hall. The best I can do here is stay out of the way.

2.       Membership. This is the most urgent and important matter facing all American Legion Posts. At the Kalamazoo convention our new Michigan Commander, Thomas G. Brown, made increasing membership his number 1 goal. He acknowledged membership is getting older and we need to recruit younger members. Our net loss of membership in Michigan is over 3,000 per year. The post has to be more than “a place to get a cheap beer”. This is the most difficult challenge facing our post. Your Sr. Vice, Cass Wegzyn will chair a Membership Committee for some brain storming on how and where to find new members. There is no quick fix here. There is something we can all do, we should all be recruiting. Talk to you family, friends and neighbors.

3.       More for our veterans. I have heard this from others at our post. We just do not do enough for our veterans. We have been active with the VA bingo, vet to lunch, other benefits and donations. I think we should be able to do a bit more. I am talking about the vets in the VA hospitals many will never go home. Also, the homeless vets and returning vets. Our Service Officer might have some suggestions and resources to draw from.

Next April, your Post will celebrate it’s 80th birthday. Somebody did something right. No one knows what this next year has in store for us. Hopefully we can make a difference and have some fun along the way.

In the months to come I look forward to getting to know more of you. Maybe, sharing a laugh and a beer.  Also, don’t forget our regular monthly meeting the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:30 shape.

In closing, thank you again for this opportunity to serve and God Bless America.





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