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      The decision to organize an American Legion post resulted from the conclusion of these veterans that the American Legion was the representative veterans' organization in this country. That conclusion has been proven true as today the American Legion is the largest wartime veterans' organization with nearly 15,000 local Posts throughout America and over 3 million members who care about America, veterans, their families and our nation's youth.

     On February 10, 1933 Carl E. Stitt Post No. 232 received its Charter in the American Legion. At the time the Post was chartered, all of the members worked for the Gas Company and therefore it was deemed to be a closed membership Post.

     As time progressed, two big changes came about. The first, was when the Post was able to purchase its initial home which was located at Meyers and Lyndon. That building is no longer there, and that site location is now a City of Detroit Recreation Center. The second was when, because of a declining membership, the Post was officially opened to people outside the Gas Company and was no longer considered a closed Post.

    While the Post grew, more space was needed, and the property on Meyers was sold and a building was purchased on Grand River near Schaefer. We stayed there until 1969,  when the State of Michigan took over the property to build an off ramp for the I-96 Jefferies Freeway. A committee of Post members was formed to find a piece of property and to get financing for a new post. As a result of their hard work, we are able to enjoy ourselves in a fine building which encompasses a Club Room and a fine Hall (for rent).